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so you guys have been wanting to know
you guys are eagerly wanting to know actually what how do you find out about
love marriage in a horoscope you know Best Astrologer For Love Marriage RK Tantrik how do you see if somebody’s gonna get
married through a love marriage somebody who should get married through

An arranged marriage and since I have astrology

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An arranged marriage and since I have astrology  of thinking they might be thinking hey there’s less than
3% arranged marriages so how do you define that why is everybody getting love marriages
because that’s the only thing that happens now in this country

and many other countries including India that people are just falling in love and
getting married so how do you signify the fact that in the horoscope they may
not have the alignment of love merge well this is why ladies and gentlemen
there’s over 52% divorce rate in the United The states of America

Some People Are Not Supposed To Be Marrying Through Arranged Marriage Some

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because of the fact, some people are not supposed to be marrying through arranged marriage some
people are not supposed to be marrying
through love marriage and most of the time literally 95% of the time people
are just not matching the horoscope properly to really find out if this is
the person for them or this is the companion for them for life but we’re
not gonna discuss that right now what we’re gonna discuss is what are the
combinations in a horoscope that signifies a love marriage

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so this is quite actually simple and easy the main sigma factor of love is Venus
okay and then if you logically think without even thinking about astrology
what is love marriage is something that first turns into a
romance is the honeymoon of your married life okay

Like A Creative Thing So Venus Love And
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this is where you’re excited to see that person you were can’t wait to hang out with them can
that a lot so you know that’s romance and that leads to marriage so romance
is fun romance is something that you enjoy

like a creative thing so Venus love and
fun fifth tops this is probably the most
the important thing you should know that the
fifth house Venus in the fifth house
definitely signifies a love marriage

Triggering Point For A Love Marriage
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okay but there’s even a simpler
triggering point for a love marriage
because I have seen people getting a
love marriage and successful love
marriage with Venus in the fifth house
seven thousand eleventh house first
house second house even a third house

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even ninth house so my lesson to you is
first of all is do not think about the
houses love marriage can happen in any
house with Venus okay next what you
really need to see is the aspect of Mars

on Venus so doesn’t matter if you’re
Venus even is even in the eighth house
or if Venus is in the twelfth house or eleventh house okay
but it fits in conjunction with Mars or if it’s aspected by Mars from its fourth
a seventh aspect not eighth is kind of bad aspect that kind of actually

if you’re Venus is not in fifth seventh eleventh
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separates the marriage but fourth and the seventh aspect it creates a passion in the relationship that’s a triggering point
of love marriage so it’s okay if you’re Venus is not in fifth seventh eleventh
or the second house which really signifies a love marriage it can be even in the
ninth house but if Mars is an aspect in it if Mars is sitting with it then it gives
us strong an indication that this is this person is gonna get into love

marriage because Venus is love Mars is passion and when you combine these two
together it creates love romance and the passion which happens before marriage
okay and another indication that you want to see that if it in your main birth chart
you do not have the Mars or Venus aspect and Venus is not in the second fifth seventh
or the eleventh house which really signifies love marriage and Venus is in such an

Ninth House And You look Into The In Vedic Astrology
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an awkward place that you just don’t feel you’re gonna get love marriage and
you’re in love with the other person well you want to check this other thing
of your life okay that’s the ninth house and you look into the in Vedic Astrology

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because each house has to be surgically open and looked at and analyzed each situation
has to be looked at and analyzed and marriage is seen from the chart and
in that chart, you also have to look at aspects and conjunctions so if Mars
aspects Venus or Mars is in conjunction with Venus in the chart that triggers a love-marriage

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okay in the main bar chart Venus and Moon together because Venus and Moon together make a
a person very sensual they always just want to experience the finest things in
the life they always it even though it makes them very clever it’s very clever they
want to experience

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the finest things in life so when it comes to marriage they
want to experience the finest part of the marriage which is love that means being
in that, you know unbelievable esoteric really look for that so this is another

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