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Because respect to Indian astrology with Hindu Astrologer, the charts are in a square type format
but They’re not around format as we find in western astrology
If That round format of Western astrology is a new way of doing horoscopes actually

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If used to be Western astrologers who used to use a chart very similar because this bottom chart here, which is the chart
So that’s commonly used in north India. But yeah, Western astrologers used to use a chart very similar because that a little bit different.
But in North India, this chart is the most commonly used chart and so it’s called the North Indian format
In south India, because they use this style more, which is the South Indian format.

which is the South Indian format

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If I use both actually – I’m going to talk about these two
but why they’re good, they each have something that’s good about them and they’re better at different things
so for certain techniques
because using this North Indian chart will be easier to see the technique and for another technique but using the South Indian will be easier.
because the South Indian chart is
about the signs and
it emphasizes the signs because the zodiac and in fact,but in this charting system, this box up here is always

This Charting System

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Because That box is always Aries and it’s usually just shown blank although
but you can select to have like number one for Aries or an
If AR for areas or a little zodiac glyph of Aries, depending on your option preference
But basically, from this box onward we go clockwise
and we get the 12 signs of the zodiac – because we have Aries in the first box,
but Taurus in the second box, Gemini in the third box,

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Because Virgo in the sixth.
But Libra in the seventh from If there
Aquarius and Pisces
two-letter abbreviations usually
so in this
So when you’re looking at all the different charts because we have sixteen charts we commonly use in Vedic Astrology
and you want to see

Sixteen Charts Really Quickly
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Because is there any time that there’s a planet in Cancer
but you have to look through sixteen charts really quickly and you just want to look at Cancer
if every chart really quickly,but you can do that really easily with the South Indian style chart
because the advantage of this chart is,but  it lets you see the signs
if one of the other big advantages to this chart is that, because astrology on there’s something called sign
aspects or rasi aspects – because signs are called rasis and
rasi aspects work but a certain way that is emphasized by this diagram – for instance,
If Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius all rasi aspect each other, meaning because they all have an
influence over each other and that’s emphasized by these four
corners,but all influencing each other and

Those Signs Also Rasi Aspect Each Other
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If other signs aspect each other in a way that’s easy to see -because for instance, if you just go down
or across, but those signs also rasi aspect each other. because this diagram is actually
built for rasi centered, If sign centered techniques like Jaimini sutras, the Jaimini school of astrology is
a sign-based system,
If uses sign-based aspects and this chart is by far the more advantageous because chart to use with that school of astrology
but anytime you want to see
the signs, because to know where they are, this chart has the advantage
But This North Indian chart, what it’ll do is
Because this upper diamond is always the first house of the chart,
But this is always the second house,

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But the third house, fourth house,
the fifth house, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth. because what this chart does
these four boxes emphasize the first, the fourth,
If the seventh and
the tenth and
then the second, Because third, fifth, sixth, eighth, ninth,
eleventh and twelfth are not so much emphasized

The Structure Of The Horoscope
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If it emphasizes the structure of the horoscope,but the 1st, 4th, 7th, 10th are considered the angles of the chart and
you can easily see the angles. because Then every angle has a trine which is the fifth and ninth from them
So if you just go out here to the two triangular points from the 10th you come here, from the fourth you come here
you can really easily see the

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houses and their trines, because whenever you’re dealing with the technique that’s more house centered
If then this is an easier chart to lookout
But They both have their advantage.

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