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How To Control Your Wife

How To Control Your Wife When They Have Relationships

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When I definitely wanted to go over it because a lot of people have questions about How To Control Your Wife it when they have relationships, especially men
So you talk about all these things and it tends to be from the female’s point of view and actually
Right now are actually men but So men definitely go through emotional abuse.

I am so excited

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I am so excited that we are almost at
so Like I can’t even believe it actually sometimes because I just I love the community that we have on here
so I think it’s such a great platform
but I mean, it’s just it’s amazing
I’m so excited
each and every day when I get to know you guys a little bit better and the stuff that you’re going through and
You know because that you guys are starting to come out on the other side and

And You’re Just Ending A Relationship Because How to Control Your Wife

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So you know, and you’re just ending a relationship or you’re trying to get some questions answer
You’re not the only one that has gone through some of the things but you’ve gone through in your relationships in your life So just like the male.
They’re gonna lack empathy
they’re gonna use manipulation and other tactics in order to get that

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Because jealous and insecure people and so they mask all of that with this grandiose of personality or
They’re a covert they very much will play the victim
so all of these abusive things because that they put out to the world is just a cover for really the fact that they’re just
wounded damaged so hurting insecure jealous envious

They Don’t Know How To Deal With All Of That
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Because and they don’t know how to deal with all of that
They don’t know how to deal with so what’s going on inside of them because they don’t even know what’s going on inside of them

But They are now playing a character which is this narcissist. So all of these things that they do
Are just basically defense mechanisms. And if you’re not aware that people are that a narcissist is doing these things

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If You’re gonna take it personally
You’re gonna see it as a reflection of your own self-worth or self-value when it has nothing to do with you
So learning about this stuff is really crucial towards protecting yourself

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so definitely number one, but one of the biggest things with a female narcissist and this is more so with a romantic relationship is
So Just like with the male will use
to control their victim and they’ll be very charming and they’ll swoop in and be you know Because the knight on the white horse and
So Save the day and I’m your soul mate, etc,

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Because very romantic with you in the early stages of dating

so female is going to use her sexuality to really get to you to really you know
Get you and just like pull you into the relationship
so she’s gonna rush intimacy and she’s gonna be very
Sexual right off the bat but she wants to make you feel like a man because by making you feel like a man
You’re going to be become essentially addicted to her
And this is when once the addiction starts in you, this is when the abuse actually happens

So It’s Really The Same Thing
Because How to Control Your Wife
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So it’s really the same thing
With the female as the male, the male will use romance and charming and sweeping you off your feet
And I love you and love letters and soulmates and like all of that things all of those things that women
Want to hear when they’re coming from that?

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You know wound place where they haven’t felt themselves up and it’s the same thing with men
If you have all of those wounds, then you’re going to need a woman to make you feel better about yourself
You’re gonna need a woman to make you feel more like a man and by her being sexual and really honing in to
What men how men tick which is their sexuality whereas in women? It’s more of our emotions
That’s how they’re going to basically hook you in order to get that supply from you in order for the abuse to actually

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