How To Ex Back

How To Ex Back

Because I started experiencing even more things How To Ex Back

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Because I’m a person who actually went through having to go through the process of trying to get my ex back.

So I’m not just some relationship person that’s like, “Oh my God,

 When I tell you I’ve been through it,

because I have been through it. So, just to give you a quick rundown, right now

but I highly recommend it until the end because I’m really trying to help  I’m telling you exactly what I did

So How do u get ur ex back?

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How To Ex Back

I get mine back. Okay. Oh, you’re probably like oh my god your situation probably wasn’t as bad as mine,but  Look, I’m gonna –

Because I’m here to tell you now.

There’s a thin line between love and hate.because No matter if you’re as hates you or they still love you

but just that same thing because they’re still

So feeling emotion for you. but Now if they’re at the point where they don’t feel anything for you

And it’s gonna be even harder to get your ex back.

How You can Get your Ex back

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How To Ex Back

Just to give you a quick rundown because this is really not about me. So It’s about helping you.

because continue watching it. So, it was years ago

Not only did I have to get my ex back, but I had to get my ex back from somebody else.

Because I know, it’s like it’s a double whammy.

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How To Ex Back

If Not only are you trying to like prove your love to them?

But, you have to go through a process of pretty much competing with another person that they’re actually

because interested in  It was the worst. So, did I get them back? Yes, I did. Yes

I did. Okay, but um, it was awful.

So Should I tell my ex I miss him?

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And I’ve gone through the situation if  the process of you know, the whole lot of anxiety and depression

when not eating because barely sleeping, and pretty much going through the whole thing of getting rejected,

So being treated like so I did something wrong when I didn’t and trust me –

For I know about all the emotions

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If you’re feeling right now. And right now you have to take a step back and you have to breathe.

Because right now you’re acting on impulse. So You’re panicking right now because you want to hurry and get them back before somebody else

Because gets to do all the things that you’re you doing with that person.So  You don’t want your person that you’re missing

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to move on with another individual so right now,

because your mind is in a panic and is it’s going crazy right now

But I’m here to tell you. Trust me, things are going to be okay. Now how to get your ex back. I don’t care if you’re trying to get a dude back.

So I don’t care if you’re trying to get a girl back.

Because How do you know if your ex will come back?

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if I don’t care if you’re straight, lesbian, (or) whatever. The human mind works the exact same way. So,

, give it a thumbs up, put it somewhere where

so I’m telling you it’s going to help you.

 Now like I said, I

And I had already been through this whole

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Because situation so now I’m even older and I get to sit back and I get to analyze what exactly happened in that situation.

But Now the first thing to getting your ex back, I know

And You are going to

Cringe when you hear this.because You’re gonna cringe -but  the first step to getting your ex back is letting go.

You’re going to be like, so Why would I let go and then somebody else can come in and

When Will my ex ever talk to me again?

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if I know how your mind works because I was in that same position.

I was like, so I can’t let go, I have to keep trying and keep trying.

Trust me letting go is gonna be easier for you and easier on them. So this is what happens – the mind right now

You’re feeling rejected

Because Right you have to take all that energy that you’re feeling and get it to pass them on to them

So You’re like why would I want them to feel rejected and then they’re gonna think I don’t want  When

someone feels rejected

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 But Right now, you were in chase mode, so you and your ex broke up…

They broke up with you, or you did something horrible

I’m gonna give you a couple of scenarios just so you get where I’m going with this. Okay…

Because Say your ex left you: oh, it’s not working anymore. I don’t want to be in this relationship

 What do you do? The first thing you do, you go into panic mode. You’re like I did this for you

We’re supposed to be together, and 

Will my ex ever talk to me again?
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I love you. I would do anything for you. So How could you do this to me? Yes. That’s our first mind.

That’s the mindset we go into. if You’re like oh my god

I’ve done everything for this person

Because they’re leaving and I love them so much. First thing,

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