Inter- caste Marriage Problems Solution

Inter- Caste Marriage Problems

Inter -caste Marriage Problems Solution A real astrologer can help you

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you all must be knowing Inter-caste Marriage Problems Solution it is so difficult to find true love once found, it is difficult to hold on to that

oh, how to make it stay? so, if you are a boy the problem gets bigger

as we all know the population of girls is less than that of boys above all, the guys with six-pack abs

or who play the guitar or who dances…. take away our all the chances

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once you find a girlfriend, the next problem arises to pay the bills while you guys go out or eat or whatever

and what do we get in return? that was about all the guys, what if you are a girl the biggest task is to stay away from such boys…

now the guys that are left out girls are left with no other option but to say yes to them

that was all until you find a guy once you find him the real problem starts

don’t go there don’t wear this don’t do that don’t eat this don’t do this bla bla bla! we are not saying that only guys

or just girls show this kind of behaviour we also do not mean

How does inter-caste astrology work

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that every other person show such behaviour but now the story has a twist

now the guy and girl finally getaway out together going against all the odds and elope. and they live happily ever after.

but does it really work out? come on its not as Indian parents go against their child’s will

and make them marry and it is also not like they discriminate according to caste, right?

we all know very well that Indian parents don’t support inter-caste Marriage Problems Solution

and because of the generation gap even we hesitate a bit to talk to them on such topics

a little bit. but what is the solution for all this? and can science really help us?

let’s find out! in the population of 150 crores to find out who is a genetic sibling to whom? could be really difficult

aunts, uncles, maternal cousins, paternal cousins, etc constitutes half of our population

What are the problems

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people belonging to the same caste have more chances not that they would be siblings

but at least they will be genetically close oh your genetics will rot in hell ok go for it but by doing so you are weakening your own caste how?!

now you all must be knowing, people belonging to the same caste have some common things in them

like skin colour, hair colour, height, etc the problem is that

inhuman DNA there are not just genes for skin colour, hair colour, eye colour but for diseases as well as heart disease, cholesterol, diabetes, etc

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when people who are relatives or belonging to the same caste or are closely related get marry

so the chances of transferring genetic diseases to the next generation are increased.

Fun Fact! most of the genetic disorders are unavoidable

that means it is difficult to escape from them and if such kind of disease occur they are incurable too.

that means there is no such cure for them. so what shall we do? simple, Inter-caste Marriage Problems Solution

so in people who are genetically different, there are higher chances of VARIATION

Genetically related recessive disorder
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Now because of variation, in their offsprings, the better gene will display the one which is dominant

so the chances of disease occurrence in their kids are lesser it is proved that 81 out of every 263

Indians are suffering from the genetically related recessive disorder

and their work was also published in NATURE journal recessive means

they can be avoided how? Inter-caste Marriages Problems Solution when the genetic makeup of the couple is different

the chances of such disease occurrence are lesser

but there is a new problem on how to explain it to parents?

now suppose someone wants to marry someone from inter-caste

Generation Gap
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and they say this to their parents…Papa, genetics…Mummy, disorder!Papa!!Mummy!!!

so now what shall we do? the fear of mom dad’s

we have that fear in our blood worries everyone gets it so what the solution is? first, you need to see

that between you and your parents how much of the comfort level is there?

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after that, you need to fill the generation gap between you and your parents

how to do that now? first, you need to understand their point of the view

if you will directly say to them that your culture is totally wrong and ours is right then

it might result in this!so what to do? simple

take your time, talk to them understand their culture

how things worked in their time tell them about your time

explaining the differences between your generation and there you need to make them understand and you need to show that few things of your generation are different from their’s

but that doesn’t mean that they are wrong or you are wrong once you filled the generation gap

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which won’t be easy at all now you need to bond to your parents

don’t look them as someone you need to be afraid of you need to change the way you see them

once the bonding is strong enough then you need to slowly give them hints regarding your thing

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