Manglik Dosh

Manglik Dosha

Manglik Dosh The biggest reason for the delay in marriage.

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According to astrology, because with that I will also take some horoscopes as an example and try to tell you why this happens in the life of a person for that, you have to understand astrology Manglik Dosh.

in astrology, there is horoscope and that horoscope contains twelve houses and the seventh house is of

life partner For a boy in girl’s horoscope and for a girl in boy’s horoscope There is also a Navmansh horoscope

which is also called “KALETRA SAUKHYAM’

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which is also call “KALETRA SAUKHYAM’ Kaletra Saukhyam means, this is marriage related horoscope

Kalatra means mental fight the happiness we gain after an argument or their happiness which is hidden in arguments that is MARRIAGE

MARRIAGE LIFE so it is known as Kaletra saukhyam in astrology If the Lord of Seventh house

is sitting in 6th, 8th or 12th house of the horoscope or the planets of 6th, 8th or 12 house is in 7th house

Sun, Mars Saturn, Rahu, Ketu or any debilitated planet
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With the lord of the seventh house or any cruel planet like Sun, Mars Saturn, Rahu, Ketu or any debilitated planet

Or lord of the seventh house is retrograde or any other planet get debilitate so definitely there is a problem regarding marriage

As a person having Manglik dosh or Vish dosh in his or her horoscope then there is a problem in marriage or

married life of a person and sometimes we had also seen that the person got marrie in old age that

he can’t enjoy his marriage when we answer any question about marriage or something according to astrology

if one planet creates a problem then affect is less and as the no.

of planets increase they were more than one then definitely the

the problem will increase We also have to check that

the lord of the seventh house is sitting in which nakshatra (constellation)

Navmansha horoscope if it is in cruel planet Nakshatra
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where it is sitting in the Navmansha horoscope if it is in cruel planet Nakshatra

or under inauspicious Nakshatra, then it will delay and if it is affected

due to any planet in Navmansha horoscope or sitting in a bad or negative house,

then there is also a problem

For example, I have taken three horoscopes out of many which peoples had sent me as there personal queries

to me So I will tell you about that horoscope will not disclose their names

but only tell you the birth details so that

the persons sent a query should know the answer So the First

horoscope I got, that horoscopes birth details are 27th July 1986

time is 4.25 and the place of birth is Kharagpur (West Bengal)

In this horoscope the rule or the formula I told you earlier, apply a lot The Ascendant is Sagittarius

Zodiac is Gemini and the lord of that house Mercury
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the lord of Seventh house is Mercury as there Zodiac is Gemini and the lord of that house Mercury

sitting in the eighth house with Sun The first fault is,

sitting in the eighth house and the second fault, it is sitting with

powerful planet means with Sun Sun is not a Planet of marriage or married life

so we have seen two faults and the third issue is Manglik Dosh,

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