Marriage Prediction

Marriage Prediction

Marriage Prediction           We Are Discussing The Marriage Line

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Particular, the finer details of the Marriage Prediction.

First, I will show you where to locate the Marriage Line Because which we can also refer to as the Relationship Line.

We have seen the phalanx, the lower end of the little finger, and the Heart Line.

This area is where the Relationship Line, or the Marriage Line, is present.

This is divided into two equal parts.

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This is divided into two equal parts.

The middle point is 30 years, approximately. It could be 28, 33, or 34 years.

That would vary depending on the Mounts, or we can take it as approximately 30 years.

Now if there is a line (the Relationship Line) present below this mid-point indicating 30 years,

I repeat, if the Relationship Line is present below it,

the two people who are in a relationship or marriage,

the attraction between them is driven purely by emotions.

The attraction is not intellectual or mental, the two people are sentimentally attache to each other.

If the line is present in this area, it indicates that the person is sentimentally attractive.

Marriage Line or Relationship Line

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It’s not a thorough or strong attraction.

It’s only sentiments, or only a physical attraction, the physical appearance that attracts two persons

The Marriage Line or Relationship Line is present after at this point indicating age as approximate 30 years,

then the two people in question

are attracted to each other due to intellectual reasons such as mentality,

behavior, and common interests, the two people are attractive due to these things…

so chances of stability are more in this case than here, where people are attracted to each other mainly due to physical appearance,

which is superficial, we can say,

Relationship Between The Two Partners Marriage Prediction.
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If the Marriage Prediction or Relationship Line is present in this upper area,

then there are chances of a compromise in the relationship between the two partners.

The relationship is based on mutual compromise

So this is how we know the significance of the Marriage or Relationship Line according to its location in the specific area.

This is the position-wise interpretation of the Relationship Line.

Now let us discuss the characteristics of the Marriage Line.

Position-Wise Interpretation Of The Relationship Line.
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If the line is straight, deep, and uniform, because

it indicates that your partner is consistent in his love and is strongly committe to you.

If the line is very tiny and thin, the person fears that the relationship will not sustain for long.

If the Marriage line is superficial (not deep) and broad,

the partner may one day say, “I can’t live without you,” and the next day say they made a wrong choice…

The broad and shallow Marriage line indicates a vacillating relationship between the two partners.

If the line is like a chain, it indicates that some days are better between two partners, and some days are worse.

A lot of people have the Marriage line starting straight, and then either midway or towards the end, the line bifurcates,

which only indicates differences of opinion between the two partners.

Sometimes the bifurcation occurs at the start,

because which means that the differences between the two partners start within the first few years of their relationship.

Let me explain something to you, do not judge relationships by observing only the Marriage line.

One has to take into consideration the Heart Line, which is most important.

Very Strong And Deep Heart Line
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I shall give you an example: because

A client who has a very tiny and thin Marriage line

indicates that he has a partner who is not very strong,

but this person himself has a very strong and deep Heart Line,

so whenever there is a disturbance in their relationship, due to his strong Heart Line,

he manages to steer things in the correct direction.

In the second example, or a client has a straight and uniform Marriage Line,

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which indicates that his partner is very strong and very committe to the relationship

Because this person himself has a fragment Heart Line, Because if there are any breaks or defects in his Heart Line, in this case,

his partner is strong, but he finds it difficult to commit to a long-term relationship.

I have given two examples of how one should judge these things checking two lines,  because not merely studying the Marriage Relationship line.

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