Tantra Mantra

Tanta Mantra

Because Tantra Mantra Is Powerful Way in Happiness Life.

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Because The roots of the tantra Mantra are the Vedas.but The goal of the Upanishads, the essence of the Vedas
is freedom from our minds.

But This is proposed through what is call Upasana or meditation.but
There are various upasanas that are proposed in the Vedas Tantra Mantra.


if primarily, the Vedas propose what is call Akshara Upasana. Akshara Upasana is simply based on sound and letters.
but It is presented at the beginning of the Taittiriya Upanishads.

because There are many mantras in the Vedas because they relate to the various forces of nature, we can say, like Agni – the heat responsible for life,

So There Are Many Mantras in the Vedas For Tantra Mantra

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because  Vayu – the air. There are no specific deities that are mention in the Vedas and there is no elaboration
or details about how to do this Upasana, because meditation on these deities. The only  that is very evident
is the Upasana but on the sun or Surya and the practitioners of yoga

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If are very well aware of the Gayatri mantra that is related to Upasana on Surya.
so  the essence of the Vedas is present through again, so a dhwani or a letter,

because a phonetic sound called OM. That is, to silence through sound
but is the methodology that is proposed in the Upanishads which is also present in the Yogasutra.

Because Gayatri Mantra is related to Upasana on Surya.

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If Tantra Mantra expands on this Upasana, or meditation, on various deities and
explains how to do this Upasana or meditation.but  Therefore, the word tantra itself is from the root ‘Tanu vistas…”

becauuse Vistara means expansion. but, tantra means an expansion of
the methodology of the various meditational techniques based on various deities.so  In this context,
I am reminded of the Samkhya Karika.so At the end of the Samkhya Karika, it is said,

The methodology of the various meditational techniques
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Because there is a book called Shashti tantra. Shashti tantra means the 60 principles of Samkhya,
the expanded sixty principles from 24, presented through the ancient Acharyas.


if Talk about ‘DRAMM’ Beej Mantra. DRAMM Beej Mantra… is considered to be Lord Dattatreya Beej Mantra.

so The Creators- God Brahma, Vishnu & Mahesh Their combined energies… are stored in this Beej mantra. Hence…

so One attains Dharm (Religious Deeds)-Artha (Prosperity)-Kaam (Work)-Moksha (Salvation)

So Tantra  Mantra Means Talk about ‘DRAMM’ Beej Mantra
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because Today in this world where we human beings crave Material Pleasure… We tend to have a lot of desires at heart.

whom it is behavioral too. No matter how much do we talk about Dharm (Religion) & Karma (Deeds)…

So One cannot simply ignore Material Pleasure. It cannot be forgotten.


If One cannot escape Moh-Maaya (Lust/attachment with Money/Life). In today’s world, the first need of any person is…

Because To get Material Pleasure so . He/she wants to be Financially strong. Fulfillment of his/her wishes.

so Any desire related to wealth to be achieved. One also wants the pleasure of having a Happy & Peaceful Family.

To get Material Pleasure. He/she wants to be Financially strong. Fulfillment of his/her wishes.
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Whom One also wishes to see the progress & prosper in the Religious field because  . A person wishes to live such a kind of life where…

but Then has no enemies and everyone’s a friend. He wishes to live a Happy, Healthy & Peaceful life. He wants his Marital life to be pleasant & joyful.


wishes for his children to be capable of achieving greater feats. Hence… Each and every desire of every other person…

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cannot be fulfille at the same time. But, we are discussing DRAMM Beej Mantra because…. by learning & practicing this beej mantra…

because You can get to fulfill such desires. Not only this, but you also progress very quickly in the spiritual field. Because of those who worship Lord Dattatreya… The obstacles & difficulty which come across in their life related to the Sadhana…. tends to get overcome gradually.

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Such individuals are considered to be… a giant & prominent worshiper of Sabar Knowledge.

because The get success in Sabar Sadhana overtime. There are different forms & methods of Mantra… But out of all of them, Sabar Method…

if It is considered to be very easy. but Through this procedure, one can easily get to fulfill all of his desires.

because Not only this… The obstacles coming towards your way… Poverty, sorrow, problems…

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tends to get resolved and overcome quickly by learning & practicing this Sadhana. Also, in any work/ tasks related to your business…


If you will start getting success in it. So let us know so  … How to study DRAMM Beej Mantra?because

so Wear any comfortable, loose clothes in any quiet place/ room… If you cannot sit on the floor, then placing a red color cloth on a chair/ sofa

and then sit on it… Place Lord Dattatreya Photo in front of you. And then by pinching on your forehead at the center of both of your eyes…

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because And start chanting…Lord Dattatreya Beej Mantra…’ DRAMM’…DRAMM, DRAMM, DRAMM, DRAMM, DRAMM…Keep on chanting this Beej Mantra.


DRAAM can be pronounced in two ways…You can either speak ‘DRANGG’ ‘DRANGG’ ‘DRANGG’ or “DRAMM” “DRAMM” “DRAMM”…

Now, if you can see it…In another angle…As you can see here, Write DRANGG’…or else…’ DRANGG”DRAMM’Both is fine. (Shown here in English as well as Hindi)

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because ‘DRAMM’ So either chant ‘DRANGG’ continuously…’ DRAMM’.If you keep on chanting mantra this way…


if Then all of your desires get fulfille. Chant this mantra… Starting from any Monday of the week…

because se or from any Ekadashi (eleventh lunar day)… You can start chanting. Do remember, always chant the mantra after sunset.

And you have to chant this mantra…. for 21 Mala i.e 21 X 108 times = 2268 times…. ‘DRAMM’ chanting (continuously)…

if Daily And this mantra are valid only for 3 days. The Sadhana is for 3 days. So you can easily complete this Sadhana successfully in 3 days.

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If you wish to do 21 Mala daily…. then maximum… Within 30-40 minutes…

because The mantra chant will be complete. Then after completion; on the 4th Day… Donate any food/ fruit to a needy person. Or feeding to any unmarried girl i

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