Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology is a very good way to get rid of life’s problems.

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Because  today we are going to talk about the timing of marriage in Vedic astrology

so what are the natural suitable indications of timing for your marriage based on

getting Vedic astrological but just like this one in today’s  we are

going to talk about the timing of marriages in Vedic astrology

If Astrology is the way to get rid of problems

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Because Vedic Astrology there are two main significance for the

marriage in Vedic Astrology but  first is the Venus venus is the Karaka

significant and the other significant which is Jupiter in man’s chart but we have

are looking for timing of marriage in your horoscope but if we have to look for these

How Astrology Works.

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because two planets in your horoscope the dignity and the houses they have

occupied for any event to happen but there has to be the confirmation from the

transits . if the transits of Jupiter and the transit of Saturn

Because Vedic astrology is the right way to correct life.
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so transit of Jupiter and Venus is very important for any marriage to happen

because marriages the second house which is the house of your family first house is

How the movements of the nine planets are decided.

because yourself second house is your immediate environment second house is your

The movement of all the planets can be seen through astrology.

but important what is the other thing we have to look for the seventh house and

the seventh house Lord the seventh house is as we all know is the house of

marriage is the house because of the companionship first house is yourself.

but the seventh house is the other-self the person we are looking for okay it’

Astrologer Works
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if next is the eleventh house is your house of wish desire hopes and but

you want to get married and you want to get involved in the long-term

committed relationship. but if you are looking for a wife if you are looking

for a husband, so if you are looking for a companion for the long term you have to

Purity of life
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because look if your desire is going to get satisfied is your desire is going to get

fulfilled so this confirmation we can get from the eleventh house Venus and

Jupiter is the natural carcass for the marriages okay.but  these are the natur

seventh house Lord may be anything depending upon the

rising side .if you have the Libra ascendant you will have the Aries as the

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if first lady’s as the seventh touch if you have the new ascendant but you will have the

look for is the second Lord but the seventh Lord and the eleventh Lord

the transit of second Lord seventh Lord and eleventh floor from any of these

houses are really favorable so the marriage perspective okay what do I mean

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because seventh house seven thousand prices that are Jupiter is

But your seventh Lord and what is the eleventh floor 11th Lord is our cancer

Venus Jupiter
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if carga the functional Karaka for you to decide the timing of the marriages okay

– ah under – ah of these two really helps and gives the favorable

Because Astrologers can guide life

because environment to get married today we are talking about the timing of the managed

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If note is the vamoosed artery because  ah you’re running em shorter a Dasha is a

because the time period is a unique but feature of Vedic astrology which sets it apart

from all other streams,So  Dasha is you you are always reading under some – on the

Dasha starts because with your nakshatra Lord and It has the specific

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