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Because in West Africa, this religion is observed by millions, and, for them, Vodooo is a path

but For those who practice, one of the best ways to achieve this is by working with a healer,

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so known as a Feticheur,if  here at the ‘Marche des Fetches’, West Africa’s largest Vodou

But You can buy a cornucopia of Vodou items here including

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Because This old market is kind of like an alternative pharmacy superstore.

so It’s preventive: good for growing families, new businesses, and to nurture love.

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because, restorative: if you’re ill, cursed, but stressed by work or unlucky in love, this

so is where you come to search for a cure.

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If You can either buy an idol, wear a talisman or take a Vodou concoction directly into your

Personally, because I was looking for something to protect me while I was on my travels.

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So my friend me for a consultation with one of the market’s fetishes.

But After some discussion, he told me he could make me a protective amulet,so in order

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But to do so, we needed to collect a few items from the market.

so Porcupine quills, dog heads, owls, blowfish, starfish – I need a whole zoo to protect me

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Because my consultation with a fetcher, I decided to visit a Vodoo temple.

If I was surround by statues dedicate to the various Vodoo gods

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Because I witnessed ceremonies, like this one where priests invoked water spirits to enter

But perhaps what struck me most was how much in common Vodou Temples have with other places

because Just like a church or mosque, this is a place for people to gather — where communities

if A place to share stories or conduct prayers for those who need help in their day today

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because While I am still working to demystify parts of my Vodoo experiences,but  what I took away

so from the mine is that this religion is ultimately one that centers on community

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so it deserves to be recognize as a global fa

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